Personalised language coaching for a changing world

We create English language courses for fast-growing teams and motivated individuals

What is Futuresay?

We provide English language courses for fast-growing companies and motivated individuals. We’ve built our reputation on excellent teachers, affordable prices and a guiding principle: understanding each client’s personal objectives and how to achieve them. Read independent reviews from businesses and individuals that we’ve helped.
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Why Futuresay?

Whether you want lessons for yourself, your company or your child, Futuresay makes education enjoyable and effective.

Industry insight

We work hard to find committed teachers with a gift for explaining the English language and inspiring their students.

Personalised Courses

Every person has his/her own requirements and needs a different approach. We create a course for each client based on the challenges that he or she faces.

Motivated Groups

Our courses are built around goals and assessments. Our clients know what they want, and our teachers are motivated by achieving results.

Continuous Adaptation

From the moment we start teaching until long after we finish, we seek your feedback and adapt our methods and courses based on what’s most effective for you.

Industry Expertise

We care about the industries and businesses that we serve. We’ve collaborated with businesses in the sectors of technology, advertising, fashion, film and art.


Our aim is to help you to communicate. We use communicative tasks, in which your teacher coaches you to use what you’ve learned as well as expanding into new areas.

Business and Industry

We serve dynamic business in high-growth sectors. We specialise in the technology, advertising and art industries. From advertisers and gallerists to engineers and computer programmers, we’re used to providing support to people who are at the top of their professions and have international careers and ambitions. Here are some case studies:

Artec Ventures

Technology: Artec 3D

We provide comprehensive English language training covering grammar, writing and speaking for more than 30 top computer scientists at the Moscow office of Artec Ventures, the world’s most advanced producer of handheld 3D scanners. Other clients in this sector: CROC, Anna Money, Lamoda

Slava Adevrtising Agency

Media: Slava

We recently completed a 12-week course for the entire team of SLAVA, an award-winning Russian advertising agency whose clients include Google and many other top international brands. We trained their staff to pitch and present confidently in English. Other clients in this sector: Palmer Hargeaves, Match TV, Parovoz Animation Studio

Anna Nova

Museums & Galleries: Garage

We’ve provided seminars and specialist language training for Russia’s most important contemporary art museum, Garage, as well as two major galleries, Triumph and Anna Nova. Other clients in this sector: Polytechnic Museum


We provide individual online lessons to adults who have a clear learning objective. Our gifted teachers have prepared their students for a range of high-pressure situations from presentations at the World Economic Forum to jury interviews in the Miss World competition.

Sophia Nikitchuk

After winning the Miss Russia contest in 2015, Sophia only had a few months to prepare for Miss World competition where she would have to present in English to an audience of millions.
Sophia Nikitchuk, Runner Up, Miss World 2015

Albert Grigorian

After his appointment as Vice President at the Association of European Businesses, Albert was required to lead conferences and meetings in English. We put together an intensive month-long programme to work on his fluency and build his active vocabulary.
Albert Grigorian, CEO Gaz de France Russia

Sophia Nikitchuk

As he prepared to direct a new production at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, Futuresay’s tutors provided a three-month programme of online and face-to-face lessons for the award-winning Russian director.
Dmitri Tcherniakov, opera and theatre director

Achieve your individual language goals to prepare for key career moments